Version 1.6 and Earlier Release Notes and Credits

Version 1.6 fixes the SafeArray problems. Variant.toSafeArray() now makes a deep copy by default. Use Variant.toSafeArray(false) to get the old functionality (no deep copy - but result is only valid as long as the owning Variant is valid). If you stick to the defaults, SafeArray now keeps track of who owns the memory and does the right thing.

The November 5 distribution finally starts using a version number: 1.5 is the current version. This version fixes a number of bugs recently reported on the mailing list, as well as adds support for accessing non-default COM interfaces. Under samples\test there is a new directory called atl and that has a COM object with 3 interfaces, plus a file that demonstrates how to use the new Dispatch.QueryInterface method to access non-default interfaces.

The October 7 distribution fixes a bug when the COM object returns a Variant with an empty Dispatch pointer. In VB, this is called 'Nothing'. The toDispatch() method now checks for this, and there is also a new method on Variant called 'isNull()' which returns true when the underlying Variant is 'Nothing', 'Empty', 'Null' or has a NULL safe array in it. The "" sample program adds a test for this feature.

The July 30, 2000 distribution just adds a servlet example which demonstrates how JACOB can be used to wrap a COM object for use in a servlet. This example has been tested in Weblogic 5.1. The example can be found in the samples/servlet directory.

The July 22, 2000 distribution includes a move away from the Single Threaded Apartment model. JACOB now initializes COM in multit-hreaded mode. The major obstacle to doing this in the past was that COM events delivered to Java through Connection Points, were blocking. Ng Hu Chong of Retail Store Solutions, found that the problem was that I was using the JNIEnv pointer from the wrong thread, and he suggested a way to get the current VM, attach to the current thread making the callback, and obtain the JNIEnv from that thread. This solves the callback issue. Remember that you may now have to use synchronized blocks in your java code to solve standard concurrency issues. More information on the free threaded model can be found in the following MSJ article: Fashionable App Designers Agree: The Free Threading Model is What's Hot This Fall.

The July 16, 2000 distribution includes a jumbo patch which was contributed by Toyokazu Tomatsu. Toyokaza solved one of the issues that was annoying many European and Asian users, which is that my original JNI code did not correctly deal with non-US character sets.

You can see the details of how Toyokazu is using JACOB to integrate Pnuts with COM.


Bug Fixes