Year: 2014

Passover in Egypt in 419 BCE

[This article was inspired by a brilliant online course by Prof. Jacob L. Wright,] At what point during the first millennium BCE can we find hard evidence that matches the Biblical narrative on the formation of the Israelites and Judahites as a people and as a religion whose center of gravity is in Jerusalem? … Continue readingPassover in Egypt in 419 BCE

AIPAC Conference 2014 Trip Report

The AIPAC Conference must have been one of the largest Jewish gatherings outside of Israel in history. 15,000 people in one giant football-field-sized auditorium to spend 3 days supporting Israel. ! Just for comparison, that is 3 times the size of the URJ Biennial, which is the premier event of the Reform movement. It is roughly equal to the entire current Jewish population of Denmark and Austria combined! … Continue readingAIPAC Conference 2014 Trip Report