Rabbi Jonathan A. Stein

Temple Shaaray Tefila,

250 East 79th Street  (at 2nd Avenue)
New York, NY 10021



People mourning in New York:

Danny and Emily Adler & family — cousins

Yanek Adler — cousin

Rose (Rouza) Zarucki — close friend

Kathy — close friend

Tony — close friend

Simone — close friend (unable to attend)

Max — close friend (unable to attend)

Donna — close friend (wife of the “super” in her building, unable to attend)

Claire and Albert Harmon, Patricia Kanfer— Emily’s family


People mourning in Israel:

Sofka, Doubi, Ilan Schwartz & their families — cousins

Ron and Ahuva Adler — cousin

Anat Rabinovich & family— Danny’s sister, cousin

Aliza Adler — Danny’s mother and close friend


People mourning in France:

Helene and Alfred Werner & family — cousin

Nastia Siskind – Helene's mother, Gutka's aunt

Michel and Francoise Zotman – cousin

Fira Rosenblat – cousin

Vicky and Pierre Boisson – cousin

Dina Levy — close friend


People mourning in Belgium:

Anna Kempinska (Malgosia) friend who is documenting Gutka’s war story