Zionism and Israel – Historical Learning Resources

The following google sheet contains my curated list of resources for learning about Zionism and the History of Israel.

There are 5 sheets/tabs. You can open them by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the sheet links, or you can click the following links to open each sheet in a separate browser tab:

1. Books: These books will give the reader the historical and factual background to understand the revival of the modernĀ  State of Israel as the sovereign national home of the Jewish people.

2. Documentary Films: Historical film clips (many from the Spielberg archive) which show in chronological order the development of the Jewish State from the early 1900’s. The highlight is the 1935 film The Land of Promise which shows that Palestine was a fully functioning Jewish State (with cities, universities, industry, newspapers and culture) long before WW II.

3. Websites & Organizations: These American Jewish organizations have excellent and well-researched material on their websites to educate and help you dispel lies and conspiracy theories invented against Israel.

4. Video Clips, Articles, & PDF’s: These are some curated video clips and articles that summarize specific topics about Zionism and Israel (including my own articles on Zionism).

5. Maps of Early Palestine: This starts with the 1880’s map of the Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF), which demonstrates that the Arab population in the 1880’s (when modern Zionism began) was small and scattered in a few very sparse villages. The population density of Ottoman Palestine was among the lowest in the world.

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